Saturday, February 28, 2015

Empty Space by Alan Black

York sixteen grew up in a system that didn't treat orphans well. They were abused in the worst of ways by anyone and everyone. They could never climb the social ladder no matter how hard they tried. They were nobodies and always would be. York is a survivor though. He does what he has to, but even his best isnt good enough when he loses his top ranking in the military school on the day he graduates. As a result of being at the top and an orphan, he was set up and ultimately stripped of his rank. Eventually he's assigned to a remote area far away in space. A true touch-me-not, being alone doesn't bother York that much. However he does need some human contact and finally begins a tentative friendship with a few people who live on the planet he's closest to. Plagued by those kidnapping people for the slave trade, York finally finds his purpose in helping them gain their freedom from these slavers.

My thoughts on York. He's a serial killer with justification; kind of a vigilante. He rids society of the trash it won't take care of, which is mainly anyone helping make the rich and powerful more rich and powerful. No one on the planet Liberty exactly adheres to the law. They do what they have to to survive. They're York's kind of people. As a consequence of being stationed where he was, he finds things he had been missing his whole life: friendship, acceptance, a love interest, and a purpose. This guy has a serious dark side to him, but it all stems from his childhood, I'm pretty sure. Alan Black created a complicated character with York Sixteen. He's sort of a dark knight mixed in with Star Wars. I would say that York is very much like the conflicted Anakin on Star Wars before he becomes Darth Vader.  

A very cool sci-fi read no doubt!  5 out of 5 stars!!

Book Blurb:

York August Sixteen was abandoned as a baby, abused and molested as a child, beaten and harassed as a teen, and had his rightful place in the Republic’s Space Navy stolen from him. Fighting back against huge government systems was useless. Dispensing justice on an individual case-by-case basis was more to his liking, yet even that was taken away when he was stationed on a lonely communication space station. York’s life would change when he decides to seek justice for people even less fortunate than him.

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