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United (Exalted: Book 3) by Tara Elizabeth

   Things are rapidly changing after the Republic falls and the truth about the pump has been exposed to everyone there.  Mena and Ryker find that some of their friends are missing and are determined to get them back.  They travel to Toledo Lake where they meet some more of the Exalted.  Everyone is either off of the pump now or coming off of it and their emotions are returning rather suddenly.  Everything at Toledo Lake is what we would think of as normal, and it's something to get used to for the Exalted that haven't really been outside of the Republic.
   Since the pump was exposed, things are happening rapidly now for those deemed "marauders" by the loyalist Exalted and those with them.  There is a war coming and they must protect the innocent people who live in Toledo Lake.  There are women and children there too.  Mena and Ryker know that they will all be killed if the villages don't ready themselves for this war.  And when it comes, there is always loss with it.

   This was another really good read by Tara Elizabeth!  I have really enjoyed reading this particular series and am a little sad to see it end.  It was a little quick in some spots.  I think more detail about a few things would have made it even better.  However,  we get to see some happy endings and some goodbyes as well.  So there is happiness mixed in with a little sadness. It's a good mix and the ending is wrapped up nicely.

A solid 4 out of 5 stars!!

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Blurb for United:

In this last chapter of the Exalted Trilogy, Mena and her friends discover the meaning of freedom and the costs to keep it. 

With Mena’s parents and friends missing, she and Ryker set out on a journey to find them and to warn the people of Toledo Lake about the imminent threat of retaliation from the First Republic. Things don’t go as planned, and Mena struggles to stay strong through all of her emotional perils. 

New friendships form. Old friendships fade. War will do that to people—even the strongest of people. 

Will Toledo Lake survive the wrath of Dr. Fredericks and his army? Will the Third Republic join in the attack? 

Strength be with you, Mena. 

Blurb for Exalted (Book 1):

After the fall of mankind, the Exalted became the protectors of the people. As an Exalted trainee, all Mena ever wanted was to be strong, to serve and to fearlessly protect the people of the United Republic of the Saved. All Exalted feel the same. In fact, that’s all they feel. Only when Ryker, an outsider, crashes into Mena’s life, does she learn that people are meant to feel much more. 

In this bleak future, set in what’s left of the southern United States, the trainees must compete in three Trials to earn their position amongst the strongest Exalted. In these Trials, female is pitted against female and male against male in demonstrations of weaponry, fighting and survival skills. The outcome: the United Ceremony, pairing trainees together for life based on how they place. The ultimate hope is to breed stronger Exalted and even better protectors. 

Upon learning from Ryker that the supplement she's taken her entire life is actually an emotion-blocking drug, her path takes an unexpected shift. Without the veil of “The Pump” blocking her emotions, Mena struggles with competing in the Trials and with her new, confusing love life. She’s experiencing new feelings with not one but two different guys, will Mena choose to leave with Ryker and be free or stay with her childhood friend, Ethan, and be United? 

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Blurb for Denounced (Book 2):

Mena, an Exalted trainee, is the on the other side of a difficult choice: to leave the United Republic of the Saved with Ryker or return with Ethan and be United. Her decision changes everything . . . things she never considered. She has to overcome shocking realizations and tough challenges in the new life she has chosen. The people she thought she knew are not who she thought they were. Secrets come to light that were never meant to be known, by Exalted and citizens alike. The truth about the Republic is worse than Mena thought possible. Though she struggles, she continues on her mission to save the people of the Republic from the emotion-controlling drug called the Pump and set them free. She will do whatever she has to do for them and the people she loves.

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