Saturday, January 10, 2015

Balloons in the Yard by Bree Pierce

This is a book by a very new to the scene author.  It is her very first novella and it's a vampire story!  It's also a rather unique one.  Read the blurb down below!


Eight-year-old Laine lives in the small backwoods town of Willow with just her mom. She loves to play outside and one day wanders off down the road to a creepy old house nearby. When she sees some balloons in the yard, she goes inside and meets a woman named Lola who takes her downstairs to a birthday party. Now Laine is trapped there and her abductor is a vampire using her as a meal when she needs it. Although not abused, Laine is determined to escape and gets help from her new friend Harry. Fate is funny about things sometimes. As an adult, Laine is destined to come back to the underground where she was kidnapped. But will she let fate decide her future? Even if it is with the smoking hot Harry?

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