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The Banesville Trilogy by Dorothy Dawson

Banesville: The Love of Lydia Monroe (Book One)

   Lydia Monroe has moved around her entire life.  Her dad is in the military and they move like every six months.  She is used to new schools and new friends every so often.  At this point, she just takes life as it comes.  There's no point in it being any other way to her.  When her family moves to Banesville though, things are different.  A new guy starts at school the same time she does.  His name is Carter and he looks kind of like a guy she keeps dreaming about, but she can't be sure.  Turns out he's her dad's guardian angel and has been in love with her for pretty much forever.  They had been together several lifetimes, but things always ended badly.  And when I mean badly I mean he would get shot or they would both die in a plane crash.  He only has a short time to be with her (and he was just basically on leave from his angel duties) before he "dies" and leaves her somewhat heartbroken.  Lydia knows that what he says about their past lives are true.  However, a new guy moves in next door to her.  Abner is the polar opposite of what Carter was.  She and Carter basically couldn't be together and her life was supposedly going to be short this cycle.  But how short was just a guess.  Lydia just can't stay away from the motorcycle-riding, home-improvement-making, thrilling Abner.  Meanwhile, Carter makes it difficult for her with his showing up at random times to grill her about him while her teacher turns out to be Father Time, and he's in charge of how much time she has left.  The only thing is that Father Time is biased in his opinion of her life.  Things get more complicated with the revealing of what Abner is.  He isn't exactly normal either.  But then again, what is in Lydia's life?
   Lydia Monroe is one easy-going teen.  I only wish I had been that way as a teenager.  She takes on life's hurtles one at a time and doesn't let stuff bother her too much.  Well, that is until she finds out about all of the weird supernatural stuff in her life.  I would be more than weirded out about it.  Lydia takes it rather well.  I think that Lydia Monroe is a strong and pretty great heroine in this book that has some very normal teenage issues.
"It was so funny to me how even though I had become aware of an entire immortal world, I had also let myself become a teenage cliche'.  Not knowing which boyfriend to pick, lying to my best friend about said boyfriend, and hiding things from my parents were all now part of my angsty resume."

Lydia Monroe: living life fearlessly

Banesville: Initiation on Briar Reeves (Book Two)

   Briar Reeves is currently mourning her good friend, Lydia, who died in a tragic accident recently.  During her mourning, a long lost friend of hers shows up and it's apparent that Briar's boyfriend, Warren, has a real problem with it.  She doesn't know what's up between the two of them, but they obviously know each other.  Naturally she thinks that maybe they had been in a relationship before or something of that sort, but they are definitely hiding something from her.  When she can't take anymore of the secrets, they tell her the truth.  Warren is a reaper and her friend, Tatum, is a harbinger.  She is a sign of something to come basically.  Kind of like an early warning system.  Tatum's presence isn't usually a good sign.  What's more important is that Briar is a hunter.  Someday soon she will be one of the ones to hunt down evil in the world and keep the balance.  It's really quite a bit for her to take in.  Briar isn't like Lydia was.  Lydia just took it as is and went on with things.  After a few emotional breakdowns, she starts her training because a strange new supernatural is in the area causing some problems that no one knows how to stop.  It could be that they are way in over their heads.  A local werewolf gets kidnapped, a store is blown up, and things just keep happening.  Not to mention, Briar and Warren's relationship has taken a nose dive and Briar is making googly eyes at the wolf pack's leader, Nelson.

   Briar has really grown up in this book compared to the last one.  Grief and loss has hit her and when she finds out about who she is, things change for her.  She has a big responsibility as a hunter and her thoughts are with Lydia so much.  Knowing that she and Abner got their happy ending makes her feel better though.  This supernatural entity they are all facing is very dangerous.  It can do things that none are supposed to, but there is more to this creature than meets the eye and Briar is the key to everything, she just doesn't know it for a while.  This book has evolved some from the teenage drama of the last one to a book about a girl who has to grow up and face life head on.

Briar Reeves: a hunter being hunted

Banesville: The Reckoning of Rebecca Thorne (Book Three)

   Rebecca Thorne is a werewolf that recently escaped from Xavier's secret, underground lair.  When she returns though, she brings some interesting news with her.  Briar's mother is still alive and being held prisoner by Xavier.  Also, Xavier is working on some crazy creations that could make life difficult for the other supernaturals and immortals in Banesville.  The group of friends must stop him before he tries to take over Banesville and then the world.  Xavier is a crazed, power-hungry warlock with enough power to be a real problem.  Not to mention he has friends in places that no one ever expected.  The ultimate betrayal to Rebecca's friend, Briar Reeves.  Rebecca must help stop him and because she escaped, she knows more than anyone else about his underground lair.
   Seen through the eyes of Rebecca Thorne, the third book in the series has some very stunning secrets that come to light.  Honestly, I was kind of conking myself on the head for one of them thinking "Duh, that makes so much sense now!"  After reading tons of shifter and vamp books, things that make me this surprised are very welcome and awesome to read!  I had a little difficulty at the beginning of this one deciding who was saying/thinking what at first, but it ironed itself right out and had a fantastic ending to the trilogy!  Too bad we aren't seeing more of Banesville, because I know I would like to!

Rebecca Thorne: shifter out for vengeance

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