Monday, December 15, 2014

The Amazing Adventures of Toby the Trilby by Angela Castillo

   Toby is a one of a kind.  He is 12 and was created in a lab.  He calls the six who created him, his grambles.  Kind of like grandparents.  Toby has mostly human DNA with a bit of cat DNA as well that has given him a few feline features like how he is rather short for his age, has a tail, ears, and a keen sense of smell.  But he looks much like a human boy would otherwise.  He lives underground with his grambles and has never seen what is on the surface.  It was foretold that the end was coming for mankind and the grambles were scientists sent down below to prepare massive areas for people to escape to, however, they never came.  So no one knows what is up there.  Toby has a keen interest in going to see, and he keeps hearing a voice that it is obvious no one else is hearing.  He seeks to find the owner of the voice and to find the answer to his greatest question: does he have a soul?  Because of how he was created, he has doubts about it.  So he sets off on an adventure to find out.  This adventure will be dangerous.  Not all of those who are left are nice.
   This book is geared to a younger audience, but I still found myself intrigued with the plot.  It is an interesting story and very clean.  This would be a great kids book and a safe one.  No romantic gestures in this one to worry about and it is inspirational.  Toby is seeking the Soul Creator to find the answer to his question.  He comes upon the good, the bad, and the ugly of what is left of humanity.  Not only are people sometimes openly hostile, but some have pretty much lost their minds.  It is a dismal state of affairs really, but Toby's journey is one of hope.  And hope can change everything.  I am interested to see where Toby's journey takes him next!

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