Wednesday, November 12, 2014

First World (A Walker Saga Book 1) by Jaymin Eve

   Abigail Swish is about to be 18.  She can't wait either.  Right now she's stuck taking all kinds of survival classes, regular educational classes, and learning how to fight in various ways and with different weapons.  She lives in a world where stepping outside is a dangerous affair.  New York is no longer what it was.  The people that are left either live in compounds, are military, or Gangers.  She lives in one of the rebel compounds.  A very long time ago she was dropped there and left alone in the world.  No one knows who her parents are.  She became best friends with a girl named Lucy and they were planning on their next step after turning 18 because they would no longer be staying at the compound.  They both know that Olden, the woman in charge, is not to be trusted.  If only there was somewhere like it used to be, like they learn about in their classes.  Not anymore.  The only beautiful green world full of lush plants lives in Abby's dreams.
   By pure accident, one day Abby happens upon a man who claims to be her Watcher, the one who protects her.  She always wondered how she was so lucky on the streets.  Perhaps this is why.  But who is he?  When she and Lucy go back out to find him for answers, Abby accidentally disappears and finds herself in her dream world, except that it feels like she is really there.  When she goes back, Lucy confirms that she had disappeared into thin air.  Abby desperately wants to find this place and ends up getting help from the mystery man.  It is a very real place.  In fact, it's a whole other world that is much like Earth, but these inhabitants have powers.  And Abby is not who she thought she was.  She is very much a part of this world.  And she is very special.  Josian and Lallielle are not ordinary parents.  Lallielle is the equivalent of royalty and Josian is the equivalent of a god.  Technically they weren't even supposed to be able to have children, but here Abby is as proof.  Abby is half Walker, which means she can travel to different worlds at will.  It may take a little time, but she can do it.  After finding this wonderful world, with hot men may I add, she finds out that there is an evil out there trying to destroy all of the worlds, including this one and Earth.  Unfortunately she has to be the one to stop it.

   What an intriguing read!  I like the whole Walker idea and how they are like gods in a way.  At the same time, they all have very human problems it seems like.  It was cool how Abby just kind of fell into this new world while falling into Brace, the hot guy, too.  He is stone faced and hard to read at times, but his feelings go deeper than what the characters think.  He has been in Abby's dreams for a while now along with Lallielle, her mother.  Unfortunately, he tries hard to keep her at arms length.  Lucy, however, thinks Abby should go for what she wants.  She's always the life of the party.
   I had several questions that went unanswered in this book, but it is only the first one of several so I am thinking maybe they will be answered later on.  It wouldn't be much of a series if everything was given away immediately.  While Jaymin Eve doesn't show us her full hand just yet, I do look forward to reading more of her books!  And the cover for this book is really rockin!  Love it!

4 out of 5 stars!

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