Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dragon's Bride: The Dragon and the Scholar book 4 by H.L. Burke

   In the last installment of the series, Ewan, the Dragon Prince, leaves his new bride, Shannon, in Regone to go in search of answers to become a man for good.  Since being married to Shannon, he realizes she is far more important to him than anything else and he will find a way to be the man she needs him to be.  He and Martin set out to find a dragon, Queen Harviss, who might have answers for him.  They might know something about the wild magic that has bound Ewan.  But when they meet her, things just get more complicated.  Turns out that Ewan has Fey blood running in his veins and the magic worked by Adonna awakened it.  Now he and Martin must travel back in time and find his Fey ancestor to help with the curse.  But when they go back, they run into unexpected trouble with the powerful Queen Idriss.  Now they aren't sure if they will be able to make it back to their own time, and Idriss wants to send herself and many other Fey into the future where they are pretty much non-existent.  If she succeeds, who knows what would happen?

   Shannon and Ewan find themselves in a bit of an unconventional spot in this book.  A dragon is married to a scholar.  They are very much in love, but his dragon form is a problem for their current state.  They had one night together in the end of the third book, but all it did was make them both want more.  Shannon will do her best to be content with him as a dragon as long as he is around.  But not Ewan.  He wants very badly to return to a human state to be able to touch and hold Shannon.
   While Ewan is gone, Shannon finds herself with child and starts getting very lonely without Ewan.  She tries to keep herself busy, waiting on his return.  She did give him a year, but hadn't actually thought it would take that long.  She holds the secret of her pregnancy for as long as possible, but can't forever.  People notice when she hasn't eaten and isn't feeling well so often.  She is doing her best to go on without Ewan there.
   Martin finds himself particularly drawn to Idriss's daughter, Rega.  She is only half Fey and an accomplished hunter.  Her father had long since been turned into a stag and let loose to live out the rest of his days after Idriss was tired of him.  She did this often with her lovers.  They were all disposable to her.  But Rega wasn't like her or even the other Fey.  She had a soft spot for the humans.  But things could never work out between Martin and Rega for an astounding reason you find out later on in the book.
   The ending was absolutely fantastic!  It was just as it should be with some surprise to it as well.  Things never quite end like you expect them to.  And let's just say that Ewan must pay a price to regain his human form.  It is a price that affects everyone around him.  Should he choose to take the risk anyway?

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