Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blood and Bone by Tara Brown

   This book was a real mind bender.  You have to read it all of the way through to even begin to make sense of it and honestly if you could read it all the way through at one time it would be even better.  Picking up on small details within the book are worth remembering as well.  What I mean by that are things like these weird trigger words that Jane seems to have.  It makes certain memories come to her to help reveal certain aspects of the story later on.  I got about 2/3 the way through this one and decided I was good and confused.  I almost quit reading it, but am glad I didn't because much was revealed in the last 5% of the book.
   This novel is about a woman named Jane who seems completely normal until two different people call her Samantha Barnes on the same day.  It weirds her out and she starts looking online for answers to who this girl is.  Apparently she looks just like her, down to the scar on her chin.  This scares her even more and her boyfriend, Derek, who is a doctor, tries to calm her down.  Eventually he tells her she was Samantha until he made them disappear.  It appears that Jane has some unsavory little practices that she does while sleepwalking on occasion.  She feels like a monster once he tells her all of this.  But then a guy named Rory shows up and tells her how Derek is lying and has manipulated her so much.  He tells her that the doctor she has been with for so long is a killer.  He kills people and is dang good at it.  While she goes through all this she is also dealing with her childhood memories of her father, things she would as soon forget.  But nothing is as it seems in this game of "to catch a killer".  Beware!  This book will give you whiplash from this chick going back and forth on how evil she thinks her boyfriend might be!  And there are adult situations so it's not for children!  Happy reading!  And good luck through the labyrinth of this girl's sick and twisted mind...

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