Friday, August 8, 2014

The Dragon and the Scholar Book 3: Dragon's Rival by H.L. Burke

  The dragon/prince, Ewan may no longer be denying his feelings for Shannon to himself, but he is to her.  And he refuses to really speak about them to any of his friends either.  He still feels like he is doing what's best for the both of them by staying out of the way.  After returning to Regone, Ewan tells Shannon that he doesn't love her.  Shannon, crushed and heartbroken, falls into Prince Ryan's arms.  She agrees to marry him, but they decide not to tell anyone besides King Riley, Ryan's father, until after King Edmond's marriage to Brighid (Ryan's sister).

   Meanwhile, there have been strange goings on.  New servants and such have been appointed to the king in Regone.  A man named Donovan has been watching with interest and questions what is going on.  Because of his questions, he loses his position in the palace guard and his life is in danger.  He must find someone who he can trust, and someone who has influence with the king.  Ewan is that someone.
   In Westshire, King Riley has employed two "alchemists" who seem to be doing some shady work for him.  Whatever they are concocting is nothing good.  Will, a stable boy, has been closely watching the palace along with the king and his son. There is an uprising in the making and he is gathering intel for his superiors.  What he doesn't count on is owing Prince Ryan his life.  Will wants nothing more than to despise Riley, and Ryan as well if he turns out to be anything like his father, but can't seem to find it in himself to feel that way about the prince.
   It will take all of them, along with their friend Martin, to keep Regone safe from King Riley's treachery.  He is always scheming, and him playing nice only makes everyone more nervous.  It wasn't that long ago that he wanted to kill King Edmond.
   Shannon is in danger of marrying someone she doesn't love.  Ewan's very life is in danger by an unknown source.  Donovan and his wife are almost killed, and Will too.  Even Regone itself is in danger.  The stakes are high...

   This is another great novel in The Dragon and the Scholar series!  Yes the stakes are high!  Ewan must make his decision once and for all about Shannon, who is in love with him.  Ryan wants a chance at making Shannon happy and is willing to make her his princess and one day queen.  Although Shannon would be a fine queen, she isn't sure that kind of life is for her, but she is very fond of Ryan.  The cards are laid on the table for them in this book and the end is fantastic, but still very surprising!
   Will is a new character we are introduced to and he has secrets of his own.  These secrets go deep and not all of them come to light yet, but I have a feeling we will be seeing more of him in the next book.  He is just a young man, but a wild and somewhat troubled one.
   Donovan is not a new character, but he plays a much bigger part in this book.  He is an honorable man, but questions authority too much for the liking of his superiors and loses his job.  A watchful man that will end up being an unlikely hero.
   Poor Martin is exhausting his resources and himself trying to find a cure for Ewan's curse.  There is a glimmer of hope....
   This story had some very complex parts and separate happenings that all end up twining together nicely!  An easy 5 stars!

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