Saturday, August 30, 2014

Counterpoint by John Day

   I have decided to start this book review a little differently.  You will see in my past reviews that once in a while I will do something like a character introduction and in this case I think this would be a good idea.  This novel is rather complex and to cover everything would be several pages of review.  So we will start with

Carla: A beautiful, sassy girl in her mid-twenties with a penchant for danger.  Her sparkling eyes and ability to charm can make any man fall for her, giving her the ability to get just about anything she wants.

Max: A widower in his mid-forties who suddenly shut down his business and decided to go on the road looking for adventure.  His mid-life crisis lands Carla right in his lap, and she is a full-time job.

The Duke: Head of The Organisation that Carla occasionally does odd jobs for. The Duke took Carla in a few years ago and has treated her like his own child pretty much.

Sam Leighton: Takes over The Organisation later in the book.  A hard-driven man who will go through whatever lengths needed to keep The Organisation a secret and to keep it going.  He spares no one if it suits him.  People are generally expendable.

   While Carla is out on the job, she is captured and due to her grisly escape methods, she meets Max.  She is on the side of the road and he picks her up.  It is soon apparent that Carla is trouble, but Max is looking for some adventure in his life so he sticks with her.  What he doesn't know is how many times he will risk his life for her and for The Organisation (that doesn't seem completely on the legit side of the law), which he becomes indebted to after they save his life using experimental techniques when he is shot in the face directly after the poor Duke is shot and killed.  To pay his debt, he agrees to go on some missions for Sam Leighton.  These missions are always dangerous and are always to protect the interests and secrets of The Organisation.  Max and Carla go after a beautiful and pricey statuette that everyone seems to want, they are chased by the police and the Russian mafia, they drug a bunch of the Russian mafia, go on a dangerous diving expedition for treasure, and get stuck in a submarine.  Oh and then there is the dangerous volcano as well.  Their adventures are numerous, as well as their close calls.  It is easy to sit and wonder while reading this book, how in the world are they still alive?  No one can possibly be that lucky.  Max is lucky to the point of insanity.  He got shot in the face and survived.  Not only did he survive, but because of what they used during the surgery, he is looking and feeling younger.  His body is even regrowing hair on his bald spot!  Carla, on the other hand, draws trouble like ants are drawn to sugar.  And no matter what type of danger or how tight the spot, she always manages to get out.  In fact, she pretty much killed off her first partner and saved her own skin.  It seems for a while that she is rather ruthless, but then starts to soften some because of her falling for Max.  Even more interesting are her family ties.  She is tied very closely to one of the men trying to kill her and Max in the beginning half of the novel.  She is also tied closely to a friend that surfaces later on.  The book is pretty fast paced and full of action.  And the body count is through the roof on this one!  It could use some editing, and a few spots that seem a little too unrealistic, but it's fiction and one must allow for this.  It is a good, entertaining read.  A solid 3.5 stars out of 5!  This is a book for mature audiences only!  

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