Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Beauty So Beastly (The Beastly Series Book 1) by Rashelle Workman

 In this somewhat strange remake of Beauty and the Beast, Beatrice Cavanaugh has everything she could ever want.  Everything that is except feelings and emotions.  She feels nothing.  And living in a world where everyone else does is difficult.  She tries to respond appropriately like her parents taught her, but she mostly acts like a spoiled, rich, brat.  And most people seem to think so.  Even the hired help disapproves of her behavior.  Beatrice's parents buy her whatever she wants, including million-dollar cars and diamond tiaras for her birthday.  Her close friends also buy her extravagant gifts to show her how much they care.  And if they don't, they are no longer her friends.  But on her birthday everything changes.  Greg, a guy who is seeing one of her friends, curses her for being so cruel and heartless, and then disappears. In another turn of events, the very good looking Adam comes to work for her in his mother's place and Beatrice suddenly develops emotions.  All of those emotions she should have felt the last 18 years have suddenly come upon her all at once and it is blinding pain for a full day.  The only relief she gets is from Adam touching her.  Not only does she have emotions now, but she is turning into something else, a beast.  She wants lots of rare, red meat and is acting kind of aggressive at times.  Turns out the world is a much different place than she could have ever imagined.  She is a werecat, along with her parents, and there are a lot more supernatural creatures out there besides her.  At her parents strange disappearance, she delves deeper into trying to find out more about what she is and the history behind it.  Along the way she meets some other supernatural friends and finds out some unsavory information about the guy she is falling for, Adam.  But the biggest problem of all is that her life is very much in danger, and she isn't sure who exactly she should trust.

   First things first, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite old school Disney movie.  It always has been.  This is not exactly like that.  It has its similarities, but doesn't exactly run right like the movie.  Which, to me, is good that it has some modifications to it.  Beatrice Cavanaugh seems like an absolutely awful person in the beginning.  But to be honest, if we didn't have emotions and were given everything we ever wanted, how would we act?  Probably the same.  How else was she supposed to gauge how much her friends cared for her than by the money they spent on her?  In her mind it probably seemed rational enough.  When those emotions did pop up, she realized just how awful she had been this whole time.  Her change is nothing short of miraculous.  What I don't understand is if Greg cursed her for being so horrible, how could he completely disappear without a trace and not contact Beatrice's friend again?  It seems pretty cold-hearted to me (the very thing he accused her of being).  And this curse doesn't really seem like a curse.  Not having feelings is more of a curse in my view.  Having feelings thrust upon you after 18 years of having none is what I call outright painful.  Now what is her attraction to Adam?  Why is she attracted to him?  Once you read the book you will understand why they aren't exactly supposed to be together.  Going any further than that would reveal too much though so I won't!  There were several questions I had after reading the book, but there will be more in the series.  Guess you can't give away everything the first book!

Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5    A pretty good read!

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