Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Unscathed by Tim O'Rourke and C.J. Pinard

   She can't help but watch them, take their picture.  It has been something Mina had been doing for years now; videoing and taking pictures of people around her.  Sometimes it was complete strangers.  No matter what, she always had her phone with her, snapping away wherever she went.  But there was one particular guy who held her attention.   Jax was a college drop-out that had a lot of tattoos and worked at a local garage.  The longer Mina watches him, the more fascinated she becomes.  She wants to get to know him and arranges to literally run into him.  Once they do meet, Jax starts having feelings for Mina and wants to finally try to have a real relationship with someone after all of those one night stands.  There was just something about Mina.  Jax knew she had secrets and at first it was exciting.  But if he ever found out her secret, that could very well be the end of them.  This secret had gotten Mina in trouble in the past.  So much so that her mother had sent her away to her aunt and uncle.  If only someone would hear Mina out and just believe her.

   Another great paranormal read with some romance as well!  I have to admit, my first thought was that Mina was some kind of crazy stalker chick.  And the image keeps on like this for quite a while.  You really don't know the complete story behind why she does what she does until very late in the book.  And frankly, it gave me the creeps the more Mina snaps these pictures and videos and says that she sees something in them. You begin to wonder all sorts of things about what she is seeing.  And unfortunately her secret could be a relationship killer.  Her own mother rejected her after finding out her secret.  Great job Tim O'Rourke and C.J. Pinard of keeping up the suspense in this book and giving me the creeps!!

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