Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ever Shade (A Dark Faerie Tale, Book 1) by Alexia Purdy

   If people only knew her secret, they would think she was insane.  Crazy.  Why?  Because Shade hears voices in her head.  Sometimes they are so loud and insistent that she must obey whatever it is they are wanting or it just might really drive her crazy.  Because of these voices she ends up running into some interesting characters.  Jack is  a Teleen, a part of the Faerie community that Shade never knew anything about until now.  And then there is Vange (Evangeline), a witch.  Shade stumbles upon their fight and ends up following Jack back into the land of the fey to see Ilarial, an oracle.  Ilarial tells Shade that the voices inside her head are her ancestors, which are her spirit guides.  She also helps Shade to control them.  And Shade also receives unwanted news about her heritage.  The man she called dad was not her biological father.  Her father was a powerful faery.  The most shocking part about everything is that she is the only one to be able to retrieve Santiran Water and bring it back to this city, Guildrin, to help keep the faeries safe from the evil Unseelie queen and her army.  It is quite a lot for Shade to take in, but she has no real time to dwell on it since she must start out on her journey almost immediately.  But she won't be alone.  Jack and some other faeries will be with her to help protect her.  And protection she will need because the journey is perilous and nothing is as it seems in the land of the fey.  Enemies pop up in places where she is supposed to be safe, putting another kink in things. Shade ends up being blood bonded to a very reluctant former captain of the guard of the Teleen fey.  He took punishment for his brother's crimes towards Shade and now they are stuck with each other.  Between dealing with her reluctant Teleen protector, Dylan, a dangerous quest, and her powers just showing themselves, it is going to be a long journey indeed.

   This series is super addicting!  Once you start reading the first book, you just have to see it through until the very end of everything!  And the following books are awesome!  Welcome to Alexia Purdy's secret land of the fey!  It's a beautiful place, but also filled with hidden danger!  It's a must read for anyone that is a fan of faeries or fantasy books.  Watch Shade begin the journey to finding out where she really belongs and what power she really holds.  Not to mention the men who are vying for her attention.  And make sure you check out the next book in the series: Ever Fire!

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