Friday, May 9, 2014

Dragon's Debt (The Dragon and the Scholar: Volume 2) by H.L. Burke

  In the second volume of The Dragon and the Scholar Ewan and Shannon are called back from their traveling to Ewan's brother's(Edmond) side.  Edmond is having woman trouble, you could say.  He has fallen deeply in love with the princess of a neighboring kingdom.  The only problem?  Her father.  King Riley is a harsh king and rules not only his subjects with an iron fist, but his family as well.  He always has an ulterior motive for things and won't hesitate to do what he feels is necessary to keep his children from marrying someone he doesn't want them to.  As if Edmond's troubles weren't enough, there is a strange creature kidnapping girls and bringing them back weeks later with no memories of their past.  Ewan and Shannon come back to help Prince Ryan after his sister and Edmond's love, is kidnapped by the creature.  While they try to find out what is going on, Ewan is increasingly aware of the things he cannot give Shannon.  He couldn't give her children, play cards with her, or even hold her if she needed it.  Being a dragon made this impossible.  Prince Ryan could give her all of these things and seems to be increasingly attached to Shannon.  So Ewan is stuck wondering if he should give her up while Edmond, who is also aware of how unable he is to even protect Brighid, is trying to keep his own country from war with King Riley.

   This book should have been called Battle of the Egos!  It seems that most of the men in this book have rather inflated egos and ideas about how everything should be.  King Riley's ego is only puffed up more because he is king and he does what he wants.  King Edmond has his pride, but being somewhat crippled causes it to get hurt easily when people question whether he can take care of Brighid, and because he is willing to go to any length to prove himself, it puts him in a difficult position.  Prince Ryan's ego seems to be a bit of a front for the pain of his past.  Ryan convinces himself he is better for Shannon and his attentions only make it more obvious what he can give her while Ewan can't.  And Ewan's ego just won't let him explain to Shannon how he really feels.  It causes him to make some decisions that end up hurting Shannon, but only the next book will answer who she will decide to love and be with.

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