Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hollow Pit (A Pushed World Novella: Book One) by Tim O'Rourke

   If any of you have ever read any of the Kiera Hudson books and have any idea just who Jack Seth is then you will enjoy this book.  It brings out a whole new side to Jack that you haven't seen that much of if you read the first Kiera Hudson series.  Although we are always aware that he is a complicated character, for a while I also just thought that he was a cold-blooded killer.  He is a wolf.  And the wolf tends to rule those that it lives within.  The wolf loves gruesome killing.  But in this book we see Jack desperately trying to overcome the wolf who is clamoring to get out and take over once again.  But Jack doesn't want to go back to that life, even if this life is a new one because he was pushed (killed).  He and Nik, his younger brother, end up here in a wasteland that looks like the apocalypse happens.  Following some railroad tracks brings nothing but more wasteland for a long ways.  They are both thirsty and starving.  The interesting thing is that their eyes no longer burn with the smolder having the wolf within brings.  At first you wonder if maybe their other side has gone, but it isn't, not in Jack anyway.  The voice in his head comes back loud and clear.  As for Nik, one just has to wonder.  The first people the two of them come upon are a sheriff and a girl, both ripped to shreds.  Apparently even in this new world they live in, there are monsters, possibly other wolves or the Vampyrus that were in the Hollows.  They keep traveling and find a small "town" with people who are terrified of the monsters outside.  They live in a place surrounded by a wall of debris that has been welded together to keep things out.  This poor town offers them food and a room in return for help around the town where it is needed.  They end up helping the people fix the wall, but get a huge surprise when they find out what the town deputy is and what she is hiding.  What's worse is the horrific murder that happens while Jack and Nik are there.  It is obviously a monster that did it.  The question is what type?  Nothing is as it seems in this novella.  And for it to be a short story, not only does it pack a punch but it has its surprises!  

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