Friday, February 14, 2014

Love's First Bite Boxed Set

 There is a new boxed set out that you can get for a little Valentine's Day romance that is only .99 for right now!!  It has six books in it by Cynthia Eden, Vivi Anna, Michele Hauf, Patrice Michelle, Erica Stevens, and Jordan Summers.  A sweet deal on this set!

If you are looking for some vampire or paranormal romance, then here is the book set for you!  (not recommended for anyone under age 18 due to graphic content in some of the books)

The Wolf Within by Cynthia Eden
-Werewolves and vampires, and a paranormal unit that specifically works crimes happening due to rogue vamps and weres.  There are some real surprises in this one!

The Vampire Affair by Vivi Anna
-A reporter who will go to unknown lengths to get her story, including doing some naughty acts with a businessman/vampire she is trying to get the scoop on.  This one is more "gettin it on" and in some very public places more than it is a well rounded story.  But if you are looking for something hot and heavy then this is it!

The Dark's Mistress by Michele Hauf
-A super dark tale about a girl that  is under the Devil himself's coercion.  She is a vampire and any mortal she bites, she takes their soul, holding it in her heart for the Devil.  Then she meets this hot rocker and wants him to try to save her from the evil one.

A Taste for Passion by Patrice Michelle
-Another very hot and heavy book!  Girl meets vampire.  Vampire thinks that she is his long lost, reincarnated fiance'.  And Mr. Hot Vampire gets all in her dreams, interrupting them so that all she can think about is him!  A few twists in this one as well!

Captured by Erica Stevens
-A world where vampires rule and humans have become the subservient, the slaves, or just outright on the run from them.  They have taken over and some humans are captured and just drained while others become blood slaves.  One girl is captured and becomes the blind prince's blood slave.  His treatment of her is different though and he has secrets of his own!  A true romance!

Paris After Dark by Jordan Summers
-I have not personally read this one yet because of time constraints, but with more detectives and vampires, it's got to be good as well!!

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