Tuesday, December 24, 2013

An Unexpected Hunger by C. Rosa (review)

Character Introduction:
Alexa:  Coming back home from California.  Lifelong dream of being a chef and owning her dad's old restaurant one day.  Left her job as a chef in California because she slept with her boss and his wife found out.  Now she just wants to get away from it all and start over.

Drew:  Alexa's brother who drinks too much and it has caused him some problems at college.  Is currently with Mia, a bartender at The Mug.

Ricky:  Owner of The Mug, Mia's brother, and an old friend from high school to Alexa.  Constantly fights with his dad over money.  It's the only time he ever shows up or calls.  Is a ladies man.  Not one Alexa should get involved with.  Too unpredictable.

Mia:  Sister to Ricky, friend of Alexa's.

Ethan:  A guy Ricky and Alexa went to school with in junior high.  Has an interest in Alexa.  Headed to law school.  Definitely the type Alexa's mother would want her with.

Danny:  The boss that Alexa slept with.  Even though she left to start over again, he just keeps popping into the picture at the worst times.  He can't seem to let Alexa go.  Stalkerish and now separated from his wife.

   I have never read a novel where a relationship was more complicated than this one.  Ricky and Alexa have had a crush on each other for several years.  The only thing is that neither of them knew that fact about the
other.  And Ricky is quite the ladies man.  He can have any woman he wants and he acts like it.  Alexa is the only one who seems mostly immune from his charms.  She is not the type to be swooning at his feet and begging him to take her home.  In fact, it disgusts her how other women act around Ricky.  The two of them dance around each other for a while, not really making a move.  But when Ricky starts trying to get close, Alexa backs away.  She doesn't need to get involved with a guy like him.  It would just be another heartbreak for her.  The only thing is he wants a chance.  And he asks her for it.  But their relationship is a tumultuous one at best.  She has some severe trust issues and Ricky can be very hot and cold.  His mood swings come at break neck speed.  All the while Alexa is trying to make it work with Ricky, she is somewhat babysitting Drew so he doesn't get into anymore trouble, Ethan shows up into the picture wanting some time with Alexa, and Danny won't quit calling.  It's a lot to handle, possibly too much for her and one day Danny shows up at her mom's house.  To me it would be a huge stalker move, but she tolerates it.  In fact, he tells her of a job opening back in California.  With how things are between her and Ricky, she considers taking it.  It could be her only chance.  But moving back there would change her life, again.  Will Ricky and Alexa make it out of this together?  Or will everything tear them apart for good?

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