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Vampire Shift (Kiera Hudson Series 1 Book 1) by Tim O'Rourke

Instead of a review, I will be doing a "what-if" type situation.  After returning from The Ragged Cove, Kiera Hudson most likely had some type of debriefing or interview about her experience there.  This is a model for that interview.
(Picture it like in most crime novels and movies: dark interview room with one very bright light hanging over the interview table. Kiera Hudson sitting on one side of the table and the Chief Inspector on the other side.)

Please state your name for the record.
My name is Kiera Hudson.

Constable Hudson, do you know why you are here?
I believe so.

Then let's get down to business.  You were stationed at The Ragged Cove, correct?

When you came back from Ragged Cove, you say that you saw vampires there, correct?
Not just vampires, Vampyrus as well.

And what exactly is the difference between the two?
A vampire is a product of a Vampyrus feeding on a human.  Once the human dies they come back as a frenzied vampire.  You know, glowing red eyes, thirsty for blood.  The Vampyrus are not like this.  They have control over their thirst.  And they have large black wings, unlike the vampires.  Vampyrus go underground when the thirst for blood becomes too much, until it passes.  Most are not willing to feed off of humans.  They generally don't want the human population to know about them.
Will you please go through the events at Ragged Cove that brought you back here, constable?
When I came to Ragged Cove, I met Jim Murphy, Luke Bishop, and Sean Potter the night before I was supposed to start my first shift.  There had been a murder, a small boy, and I went with Luke Bishop out to the scene of the crime.  I have to say, Inspector, that they were very unprofessional in their approach.  The boy's throat had been completely ripped out and there was hardly any blood at the scene of the crime.  That is when I first saw what the Vampyrus were capable of.  Strange things started happening very quickly.  I could tell right away that I saw much more than my fellow officers.  They seemed rather incompetent. But they also brushed me off when I tried to show them the clues to what I had seen.  But it was to no avail.  Then a man started following me.  He kept leaving me crosses and notes about being in danger.  I was injured a few times due to different circumstances.

Yes.  I believe you wrecked a police car in Ragged Cove, as well as your own vehicle, correct?
Yes, that is correct.  My car slipped off the road due to a patch of ice.  It happened while I was trying to leave The Ragged Cove.

And the police car?
I was attacked by a vampire.  Luke and I went to examine a grave desecration.  A young teenage girl's body had been dug up and taken.  When we got to the grave we met Father Taylor, a dangerous man I might add.  

And why is that, constable?
He's one of them.  A Vampyrus.  But he is also one of a group who no longer want to live underground.  They want to live on the surface like humans do.

Please continue.
I got down into the grave to examine it more closely.  I noticed that there were claw marks in the dirt inside the grave as well as under the coffin lid.  My conclusion was that this poor girl had been buried alive.  I tried to radio Luke but couldn't get him to answer.  Perhaps the transmission didn't go through.  It's not like anything works in that area anyway.  I could never get any type of cell service.  When I got out of the grave, the girl was standing right beside it.  She kept saying she was hungry.  Then she attacked me.  When I ran to the police car she broke into it with her bare hands trying to get me.

And you think she was a vampire?
Yes.  She had fangs coming out of her mouth and she had inhuman strength.  She was trying to kill me!  

How did you get away?
I put a cross into her mouth and she started burning and exploded. 

I see.  That is quite enough constable.  I believe that the stress of this job has become too much for you to handle.  I am going to recommend that you be put on leave indefinitely.  And be required to get some psychiatric help as well.
But why?  I am telling the truth!  You know that I work with the facts!  And however impossible it may seem, this is the conclusion those facts have led me to!

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*image via Tim O'Rourke

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