Saturday, August 24, 2013

The City of Bones -Movie

Today I got to go see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.  Now, there is just no comparing the movie and the book.  All of those who have read the book will notice quite a few differences between the two.  If you think this will really be a problem, then don't go see the movie.  As a whole separate deal, the movie was good.  It had plenty of action, it was funny, scary, and a little cheesy.  I could have done without that little bit of cheesiness that they added, but overall a pretty darn good movie.  But please don't take your little kids to go see this movie.  Those demons in it were scary.  Period.  They looked like something that mutated out of a Resident Evil movie.  Talk about nasty and creepy.  And yes, Clary seems just as helpless in the movie as she does in the book.  One little thing though.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers has a serious hair problem.  It may seem like a little minor thing, but his hair is just wow.  And not in a good way.  Picture a cross between Joe Dirt and Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean and you've got it.  Yes Jonathan Rhys Meyers your hair is causing you a 5 point loss in cool points.  It was downright distracting.  There is some redemption for him though.  He did act just as crazy as Valentine seemed, maybe even a little more so.  Jamie Campbell Bower was a very good choice for Jace.  As we have seen before, he can play the part for someone who is a dark character.  And even though he is one of the good guys, you can also see a little bit of dark and dangerous still and it really works.   The only character I was truly disappointed in was the one of Magnus Bane.  I was hoping for a more flamboyant and out there persona.  That is not what I really got.  Yes you get to see him in his underwear (don't worry his little "outfit" is really hilarious), but he isn't all the glitter and glam and outgoing warlock we see in the book.  And if you have never read the book, then you might be more than a little horrified about Jace and Clary's relationship at the end of it when they find out some rather alarming news about themselves.  But, on the upside, the fight scenes are amazing and the nasty, scary demons really give the movie an edge.  Overall, it was worth going to see in theaters.

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