Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Movies versus Books

I have found that I am rather critical of movies that are made from popular books.  I read the book.  Then at some later point someone decides to make a movie about it.  I watch the movie.  And I am inadvertently disappointed in some degree with the movie.  For some reason when they make these movies they decide to leave out plot points or certain things about the characters.  Sometimes they leave out characters altogether.  To me, these are important to the unfolding of the plot or character development.  In a book, details are what make it good.  In a movie, it's all about time restraint and what they can fit into that small amount of time.  It may take several hours or days to read a book.  A movie is at max three hours most of the time.  And three hours is really pushing it.  I have begun to wonder if I should just stop watching these movies.  It feels like I am looking for a great movie, based on a book, in vain.  After all, my imagination is so much better anyway.  

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