Thursday, May 30, 2013

SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW: Salvation (Captive Series Book 4) by Erica Stevens

"She had strengthened him, and he'd let her down. He'd lost her."

   Aria was lost.  Braith's guilt riddles him.  He feels responsible for her capture but knows that she cannot be caged.  His anguish is terrifying to all that are around him.  Aria's family and even the vampires with them stay out of Braith's way.  "His entire body shuddered as he grasped hold of a small tree.  His muscles rippled as he ripped it from the ground and hurled it through the air.  Gideon and Ashby scrambled to get out of the way as it bounced in their  direction.  Braith stood, shaking as he tried to gather some semblance of control, but he was quickly spiraling toward something dark and dangerous."  
   Aria had been captured by Braith's malicious brother, Caleb.  He and the king were both very ruthless vampires that would do whatever they pleased with Aria while she was their captive.  Most of all, they wanted to break her.  Bite marks litter her body from them taking turns drinking her blood.  And to make matters worse, they force her to drink their blood as well.  Every time they force her to drink their blood she feels her body rejecting's not Braith's blood.  Her body will never want another's blood.  She  may be physically drained and exhausted, but her spirit is not broken.  She will never be broken.

   The final book of the Captive Series begins with Aria captured and being tortured deep in the dungeon of the vampire king's palace.  She is a fighter who has the spirit to never give up.  And later on you find out a little secret about her heritage that you will never guess.
   Braith is going crazy because of Aria's capture.  It is driving him almost to insanity, to a very dark place where he may never come back once there.  The monster inside is begging to be unleashed.  He and the other vampires and humans willing to fight have gathered together to formulate a plan not only to save Aria, but to take down the king.  As long as he can keep it together that is.  It's time for some changes....

I've read this book and have to say it is a great ending to a great series!!  Be looking for it on Amazon!  It's release date is June 8th, 2013.

*quotes via Erica Stevens
*image via Erica Stevens

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