Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Steele Wolf by Chanda Hahn

   The Steele Wolf is the next book in The Iron Butterfly Series.  Thalia is going back home with her father
and things are much different than when she was in Calandry.  Her father is the clan leader and the clan hates the Denai.  They are not allowed to live on the clan's lands and are not welcome there.  Before she even reaches her home, an attack upon them shows some of her family as well as a man named Fenri (her almost "intended" before she was captured by the Septori) that she has powers like the Denai.  But she is not supposed to use them or even hint that she has these powers when they return home.  And to keep the other clan members from questioning why Thalia has changed so much, her father decides to announce she will be marrying Fenri.  She is not happy about getting married to anyone right then so they decide to hold a tournament.  As all of this is unfolding Thalia finds out that there are those within the clan that would like to take hold of its leadership whatever way they can.  And the kicker is that she is related to them!  During the tournament Kael shows up again disguised as a member of another distant clan.  And at the end of the tournament Thalia is kidnapped again to be drug back to the Septori.  After she is rescued by a few unlikely heroes, she finds out Joss's sister is missing and they decide to go after the Septori.
   There is so much going on in the second book you would have to read The Iron Butterfly to be able to understand what is going on.  As in the book before, she has love interests, but now we have thrown in a third.  While she is still torn between Kael and Joss, Fenri shows up into the picture as her possible intended.    It really is almost too much having so many love interests in the story.  But Chanda Hahn works around it somehow.  While there are still so many questions looming in your mind when you finish this book, you do get to find out who Thalia's mother is and what happened to her.  Her story is extremely vague and could have done with a more detail.  Perhaps in the next book we will find out more about that.  Not to mention Thalia's now full fledged feelings for Kael are showing, but Joss is being very forward as well.  (SPOILER ALERT:  They never get to the Septori at the end of the book.  In fact, they are back on their way to Calandry with a member of the Septori who had been a member of Joss's own household.)  So, so much not answered.  And yet you still want more with this series.  Who can help but wonder who exactly will Thalia end up with and will they succeed in destroying the Septori?  (one more SPOILER ALERT:  It has been hinted that one of the Denai are actually the ring leader of the Septori.)

                                                         Kindle Edition: $2.99

*image via Chanda Hahn

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