Friday, April 19, 2013

Refugee (The Captive Series Book 3) by Erica Stevens

   At this point in The Captive Series, Braith has decided that the only way to keep Aria safe is to take down his own father, the vampire king.  In order to do so, they must travel to a place called The Barrens.  It is a desolate and rather inhospitable place where there are rumors of vampires living there that had fought against the king in the war that tore the human world apart.  On the way there they encounter vampires that are starved and crazed, the most dangerous kind.  Aria is mortally wounded and if not for Braith giving her some of his blood, she would not have made it and there would be no need for a fourth book.  (If you would rather read the book than find out now what happens, please STOP reading.)  When they get to the barrens they find these rumored vampires.  And to Aria's surprise, vampires and humans live side by side, together in peace.  It gives Aria some hope until they decide they want Braith to rule when the war they are about to start is over and done with.  He will not rule without her.  And she would not be accepted as a queen since she is human, a mere mortal.  That is when she realizes she must distance herself from him if possible.  After the war is done she must leave and go far away.  Braith's brother, Jack, has agreed to help her.  They feel like this is best.  If she cannot keep him away so he can do his duty to their world, she has a much darker thought in mind to make sure he can never find her again.  It tears her heart out thinking of it all.  But he would be the natural choice as king, not to mention the best choice.  Under his reign things would change for everyone.  There would be no more blood slaves and auctioning humans off.  Life might start being close to what it was a hundred years before, a time she doesn't even understand or know much about. 
   There are a few questions when you're reading this book that come to mind.  Like, how far would Aria go to make sure Braith is crowned the king?  You do find out towards the end of the book, but it turns out an unexpected turn of events happens at the end.  And it's and ugly one.  Also, will Braith really give up doing what everyone else thinks is the right thing to do all for Aria?  He loves her and will go to any length to protect her.  But perhaps what he doesn't realize yet is that the best way for him to protect her is to make things change.  Make a world she can live in safely.  But do you sacrifice love for duty and safety?  And will they be able to stay together through the final book? So many questions!  Can't wait until the fourth book comes out in June!  To see teasers for Salvation, book four, see the link below!


                                     Kindle Edition: $2.99  (price for Refugee)

*image via Erica Stevens

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