Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Captured (The Captive Series Book 1) by Erica Stevens

I have seen so many vampire books since Twilight became a big hit, that sometimes it seems like you're reading the same thing over and over again.  Captured happens to be a breath of fresh air in the midst of all of these novels and stories.  This is not your standard human meets vampire, they fall in love, no one can know what they are, but they live happily ever after.  Same old Twilight story!  No this is much more in depth and not so hung up on pining away for a non human being.  The story is about vampires ruling the world.  In this world humans are caught and used as toys for blood and other purposes, then discarded or sold to someone else as a regular or one time (if they choose) meal.  Those that are not sold on the auction block are drained completely of their blood at one time to save for later.  The humans that are part of the resistance would rather die than be a blood slave to a vampire.  But once they're caught the decision is not their own.  The torture that the vampires can inflict is gruesome and horrific.
   Aria is a member of the resistance.  In fact, her father leads the resistance.  Braith is the vampire crown prince.  His father is a very harsh and horrible king.  He is the king who destroyed the humans.  Unfortunately Aria and her friend Max get caught by the vampires and are sold on the auction block.  Max is sold to a horrible female vampire who uses and abuses him.  Aria is bought by the crown prince.  This is his first blood slave.  And there is a surprise reason he buys her too!  But who wants to spoil that little tid bit? Aria and Braith do start having very deep feelings for each other and he treats her well.  He never does any harm to her, but Aria still feels trapped inside the huge city run by vampires.  Inside the city people and vampires alike have everything they need, while everyone outside of it are starving and constantly on the run.
   As I said before, this is a very different vampire tale where humans are the endangered.  There is no hiding for the vampires.  The world as we know it now no longer exists in this book.  Most everything has reverted to more of a stone age for most of the characters.  I could not wait to see what happens next in this book!  The end is what you expect (because it's hinted throughout the book), and yet, when you get there you still feel the full force of that loss and sadness.  But then again it's not the end!  There are three more books, one of which is still in the making!

                                                          Kindle Edition: Free

*image via Erica Stevens

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