Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blood and Snow by Rashelle Workman

   Blood and Snow is actually a collection of 12 novelettes by Rashelle Workman.  You can buy them
separately or all together as an anthology.  The best buy would be all together.  I could not wait to read each new novelette when they came out so I paid much more.  Imagine my displeasure at realizing they costed so much less together.
   If you are interested in vampires, fairy tales, and the whole supernatural genre then this is a series you should look into.  I very much enjoyed reading about a vampire who's name, funny enough, was Snow White.  But she doesn't start out as a vampire.  It is a story about her journey to becoming one and the friends she has by her side throughout her trials.  And these friends, yeah there are seven of them.  Then there is a dragon full of powerful magic.  Snow must overcome many trials and face an evil queen who wants to take over her body.  It's funny, dangerous, and even slightly ironic.  Ok it may be more than a little ironic at times.  I mean, even in the movie Snow White is "sleeping like the dead", if you know what I mean.  And in this book she sleeps for two years.  During those two years she goes on a great journey of discovery into the beginnings of vampires and how the evil queen came about.  And of course, as always there is that romance portion to the story.  There are several surprises along the way.  Like this surprise:  (SPOILER ALERT:  That crazy yet smart dragon is someone she knows!!!)  All in all it was an enjoyable read with the only downfall that the novelettes seemed to get shorter the closer you get to the very end of the story.  This is one set I could definitely see being longer....

All 12 novelettes:

Book Price:  Kindle Edition- $4.99
                    Paperback (Amazon)- $13.99

*image via Rashelle Workman

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